Our Story

All in the family

Family owned & operated

What’s good? Just wanted to drop some knowledge about FYR Genetics and what we’re about in the cannabis game.

Started over 25 years back in LA, straight outta San Fernando Valley. We’ve been on this cannabis journey, evolving into a major player in the scene.

For all you fellow growers, we get it – growing in Thailand ain’t a walk in the park. If you’re dealing with nutrient issues, water struggles, viruses, or anything else, we got your back.

FYR Genetics ain’t just about products; we’re about solutions. Our crew of pros is here to help you navigate the challenges of growing cannabis in Thailand. Whether you’re a vet or just starting out, we’ve got the expertise to help you get those top-tier results.

Got questions or need advice? Hit us up. We’re all about building a community of growers who share our love for cannabis and want to level up their cultivation game.

Thanks for considering FYR Genetics as your cannabis partner. Let’s link up and make some magic happen.

Stay lifted, FYR Genetics Family