Grape Koolaid

FYR Genetics brings Grape Koolaid Strain to Thailand

FYR Genetics brings Grape Koolaid Strain to Thailand

Exploring the Essence of Exotics:

Cannabis enthusiasts, prepare to be captivated as FYR Genetics introduces the world to Grape Koolaid, a premium exotic strain meticulously crafted by the The FYRman. This unique hybrid, born in Southern California in 2018, boasts a distinctive lineage, merging Grape Ape and Purple Punchsicle F2bx.

Origins and Recognition:
The Grape Koolaid strain quickly gained acclaim for its exceptional qualities and flavor profile. FYR Genetics takes immense pride in its creation, which earned a coveted feature in the renowned Grow Magazine in 2019, solidifying its status as a connoisseur’s choice

Embracing Heritage with Modern Appeal:
FYR Genetics stands as a pioneer in embracing the charm of old school strains. Grape Koolaid, a testament to this philosophy, serves as a bridge between the rich heritage of iconic strains and the evolving preferences of today’s cannabis enthusiasts.

Join FYR Genetics in celebrating the enduring legacy and allure of Grape Koolaid. Witness the fusion of old school wisdom and modern innovation as FYR Genetics continues to redefine the landscape of premium cannabis strains with curent expansion into Thailand. Here’s to the timeless appeal of Grape Koolaid and the ever-evolving journey of FYR Genetics in the cannabis industry!


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